Monday, September 13, 2010

the secret diary of a six year old

I don't think this needs much commentary, except for the worrying feeling that I should contact child protection.


  1. she can't spell willy, I wouldn't be worried i think she's just speculating.

  2. Are you meant to be the spatula man, or the green thing that looks like a sausage roll with an antenna?

  3. is that a mobile phone on the right? if it were that could be an antennae sticking out of his pocket… i agree that this isn't seemingly anything to be concerned about. i worked in after school care for a few years when i was younger and i remember a couple of girls around the same age trying to touch my penis. a was shocked and had to communicate some, "no, that isn't a good idea" but i also didn't want to overreact as it occurs to me an adult considering such an act would feel some measure of fear and shame, as well as associations with various sexual concepts/fantasies/experiences the child doesn't have yet. i'd hate to be the one to freak out and give this young kid the idea that they've said/done something really terrible that can never be spoken of, a memory they should bury and be ashamed of. no no no, that would be terrible! kids that age are so matter-of-fact about things. not a hint of shame until someone teaches them to have it. perhaps it would be better were the adults to learn from the children.

    sorry for the rant.