Monday, August 30, 2010

More Art

I arrived this morning to this, proudly displayed on the kitchen bench. I'd spent the bulk of the weekend attempting to drink my own body weight and was a little wonky in the old existing department. I spent about ten minutes leaning over the expensive granite counter, trying to ascertain exactly what the deuce I'd come across.

Was it a merkin once owned by Alan Jones nestled in the paper coffin of his dignity? My boss is a huge fan, so it was entirely possible that he'd purchase said memorabilia.

Did some unfortunate possum get stuck in a hairdressers for a long weekend and subsist entirely on trimmings before escaping and passing a big furry poop in the family kitchen?

Was I supposed to clean it?!

I picked up the girls and fed them an afternoon snack of avocado on crackers (the little darlings wanted cheddar shapes and a milkshake but I refused on behalf of their cholesterol levels). A, the youngest, picked up the thing and asked proudly if I liked her diorama. I told her it was beautiful, and asked what it was.

She looked at me with an expression somewhere between bewilderment and disdain.

'It's a bear. In a boat.'


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